Friday, December 5, 2008

Luca's Here!

So Sunday morning at about 3 in the AM I start having mad contractions that lasted for about 2 hours. I figured that he (Luca) finally decided that this was the big day! And I was right:) After 15 hours of labor, I delivered that night at 7:56 the cutest baby boy ever! I immediately fell in love with the 7 lbs 14 oz 21 inch little guy. Every thing that you go through to get them here is all worth it and so much more. I can never get enough of him, I am totally addicted!
I am already excited to have more babies! ha Don't worry though, I'll give it some time before I go and get pregs again. I have had so much help and support with everything. The girls in the family stayed at the hospital with me for the whole 15 hours! It was so good to have their support. Not to mention my sweetie, who was my biggest help and supporter. He is such a good dad, Its so cute to see him taking care of his baby boy. I also have both sides of the family living within 5 minutes. So as you can imagine I have more than enough helping hands and it has been great. The one thing that I will miss is all the meals coming! I love not having to worry about dinner:)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Pregs!

Of course this little guy is coming whenever he wants! Ha he was due on the 21st and so yeah a little late - but thats ok, he has to come sometime:) We are so anxious to have him here now. Everyone keeps telling me he is so much easier to take care of when they are in you...hmm I believe that and all but that would suck! Perma pregnant, I don't think so!
At least I have everything ready, his bedroom which I just finished is so dang cute and I was able to finish painting our guest bathroom and get that all done. This summer I did so much garage selling it was crazy fun. I found a crib and changing table for $50 for both of them! I wanted a different color so I glazed them and then put a finish laquer (s/p) on it. It looks so amazing! (Ill post some pics) And what a steal! One of my best finds though was a busted up pack -n-play from Chicco. The lady selling it was like, oh it was working earlier today. So I told her I would give her $30 for it. She said if I couldn't get a replacement part for it then I could come back to her and she would give me my money back. So I bought it and the whole way home I was like that was a stupid buy. I figured that even if they did send a replacement part I wouldn't be able to fix it my self. Anywho I called Chicco and they sent me a brand new one! Ha so I paid 30 bones for a brand new pack-n-play that retails for about $200! I was stoked! I love Chicco, they are the best:)
Anywho, I'm always trying to get Franco to take pics of my massive belly. Its always funny when he does. I think he thinks I'm weird for wanting some! ha what a silly boy. So here are a few of my recent ones.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Witches Night

For Halloween all of us girls went to this thing ladies night at Gardner's Village in SL. It was pretty intense. Some of the ladies there live for this night...and good for them:) Basically you dress up like a witch and there are all the different shops and things you can do there. I of course had a nice big belly and looked so retarded. Betty Jo put this nasty fake chin thing on me.. and green junk all over my face. I was definitely an ugly witch! It was fun to be with all the girls, a little crazy but fun.

Franco's Baby

So pretty much Franco has been wanting a dog forever, and with a little hesitation on my part I gave in. I found this little German Shepherd on line, what a cutie! He is so crazy though, he bites everything! He is only staying at our place til Luca comes...then he is out! We are having him live at the in-laws:) Bless their hearts, there is no way I could take care of this young pup and my new little baby. It has been kinda of fun having a dog with us for awhile but I am ready to kick him out and have a baby!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Birthday Party

For all the September birthdays (Katies, Michelles & Myself) we all went out to the farm in Fairview for a picnic. It was way fun. All the family came and we just chilled and had good food and checked out Mom & Dads new cow! On my actual Birthday Franco made me breakfast! It was delicious! He is such a sweetie, he gave me a camera and I love it! My old one died. It really wasn't even that old - maybe a year? Anywho he also gave me some cash so I could buy some clothes! Thats the best gift ever:) And at work Betty Jo decorated my desk - it was all cute and pink and covered with goodies. It was a way fun birthday. Not that I am enjoying getting older! This one feels like I am really old now. Thats not cool!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Two Genius's at Work:)

So Betty Jo and I came up with this saying one day at work when we were so busy working on trying not to work. And I think it is genius! It really cracked me up...maybe it had just been a long day, but I really think it is catchy, and so true. Its a "feel good" kinda saying. And yes to answer your questions we are going to put them on shirts, hats, pencils, backpacks, bibs, undies, and just about anything you can think of. Were taking orders, so just let me know exactly how many you want! (Oh and just in case this phrase is already out there, dont tell us! It will totally crush us!)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fish Lake

My whole family went to Fish Lake a couple weeks ago. We stayed in a cabin and rented a pontoon for a couple days. We fished the whole time! Everyone was so excited about catching fish. It was way fun. Franco caught about 10 fish and I caught 11! True Story. I love Fish Lake, it is so beautiful up there. I cant wait to go back!

Its a Boy!

On June 25th we found out we are having a boy! We are so excited! His name is Gianluca and for short we'll call him Luca. Franco picked out the name, right on baby! ha Anywho he is so active, always kicking and moving, he just started with the hiccuping and it cracks me up to watch my belly randomly start moving. I love it! I cant wait to meet this little guy, he has brought so much joy into our lives already!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Betty Jo's Bridal Shower

My little baby sister is getting married! I'm way excited for her. Her big day is July 1st, so soon! So we threw her a shower on Saturday. It was fun we had a bunch of her friends come and all the girls in the family were there. We did the usual, play games, talk, eat yummy food and shower her with gifts. She is having two more showers! Her mother - in - law to be is doing one this next Saturday and then the ladies from her ward are giving her one too! Lucky girl:) She deserves to be spoiled, she is such a cutie. And I love her to death! Oh she also got her bridals done and I did her hair. I was so nervous! It had to be perfect, and I think she was pretty happy with it - she looked beautiful! I just have to do it one more time on her wedding pressure!! Ha

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're Pregnant!

Its true! I found out on March 21st that we're expecting a little one, and we're so excited! I'm about 15 weeks along and have been doing pretty good so far. Besides the constant urge to want to break into tears for no good reason and the crazy turn my eating habits have taken, I would say it has been cake! Oh yes and not to mention my growing waisteline. Although I'm not really showing yet, I definitely feel huge! I still have yet to go to the doctors. Yes, crazy as it may sound my first appointment isn't until the 25th of June! So I will be 19 weeks along by time I have my first visit. Oh well, I'm a little slow:) Franco thinks it a boy and I of course know its a girl. But we shall see in 6 short weeks who is right. I'm so ready for this baby to be here and I have forever left! I'm sure the time will fly by and before you know it I will be an ol' pro at this mom thing. I guess I should just enjoy my sleep while I can still get some!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wedding Day!

An absolutely perfect day! Feb. 26th Franco and I got married in the Provo temple. Everything was so beautiful, including the weather! It was a sunny 50 outside. After the ceremony we came out and got plenty of pictures and then off to my parents house for a luncheon. Then what seemed like only seconds had passed we were off to the reception hall for family pictures. The White Willow was beautiful and a perfect place for our party! After the send off - we raced to our car to find it was trashed!! There was shaving cream and peanut butter INSIDE and out of the car - unbelievable!! It took us an hour to get it all cleaned off the inside windows. Needless to say we got on the road to Salt Lake where we stayed the night and then in the morning it was off to Vegas! We had a blast!

Looking back it seemed that all of that planning and getting ready for the big day went by so fast. It was so fun getting everything ready with my mom and sisters. I enjoyed every second of the whole experience. And it was great to have Franco help calm me down when I thought things were getting stressful!