Friday, December 5, 2008

Luca's Here!

So Sunday morning at about 3 in the AM I start having mad contractions that lasted for about 2 hours. I figured that he (Luca) finally decided that this was the big day! And I was right:) After 15 hours of labor, I delivered that night at 7:56 the cutest baby boy ever! I immediately fell in love with the 7 lbs 14 oz 21 inch little guy. Every thing that you go through to get them here is all worth it and so much more. I can never get enough of him, I am totally addicted!
I am already excited to have more babies! ha Don't worry though, I'll give it some time before I go and get pregs again. I have had so much help and support with everything. The girls in the family stayed at the hospital with me for the whole 15 hours! It was so good to have their support. Not to mention my sweetie, who was my biggest help and supporter. He is such a good dad, Its so cute to see him taking care of his baby boy. I also have both sides of the family living within 5 minutes. So as you can imagine I have more than enough helping hands and it has been great. The one thing that I will miss is all the meals coming! I love not having to worry about dinner:)


James & Bec said...

Oh my goodness Shannon! Congrats! He is such a cutie! I love his tongue sticking out. haha. And that first picture of Franco handing lil' Lucas to eyes got all watery. Having a baby is such a beautiful thing. You can't describe how it really is to anyone. They just have to live through it to get the full experience.

Angelee said...

So precious! He is absolutely beautiful. I am oh so excited for you! Nothing beats being a mama!!!
Love you tons.

The Lindsay Family said...

Holly cow congrats! There is really nothing that can compare to giving birth. 9 long months, and then you see that darling little baby for the first time, and your love for someone reaches a hole new level. It really is amazing, I can't wait to do it all over again. You look fantastic by the way, and your little boy is beautifull. Congrats again.

James & Bec said...

Shannon I forgot to ask:

Can I please bring you guys dinner? I am not an awesome cook or anything, but I loved getting meals too when you've got a fresh babe. So -- what night should I bring a meal? and what time do you want it? I would totally love to do it!!

Carolina Palacios said...

yay!! its about dang time!! he's so cute! now hows recovery?? and remember what i said its just 2 weeks then its normal and pain free!!