Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wedding Day!

An absolutely perfect day! Feb. 26th Franco and I got married in the Provo temple. Everything was so beautiful, including the weather! It was a sunny 50 outside. After the ceremony we came out and got plenty of pictures and then off to my parents house for a luncheon. Then what seemed like only seconds had passed we were off to the reception hall for family pictures. The White Willow was beautiful and a perfect place for our party! After the send off - we raced to our car to find it was trashed!! There was shaving cream and peanut butter INSIDE and out of the car - unbelievable!! It took us an hour to get it all cleaned off the inside windows. Needless to say we got on the road to Salt Lake where we stayed the night and then in the morning it was off to Vegas! We had a blast!

Looking back it seemed that all of that planning and getting ready for the big day went by so fast. It was so fun getting everything ready with my mom and sisters. I enjoyed every second of the whole experience. And it was great to have Franco help calm me down when I thought things were getting stressful!