Sunday, October 3, 2010

My cute little boy

Luca is so dang cute. He makes me laugh everyday.....these are just some recent pics of him that I love. I cant believe he will be a big brother soon! Im excited for that day, he will be a great friend to his little bro. He needs a sibling, I think he gets really bored of me! hahaha whenever he wants me to leave he blows me kisses and waves goodbye.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So Franco has been playing on a semi-pro outdoor football team for the last couple of months. And Luca and I love to go and watch him play! He is a really amazing athlete and cut his time short playing for BYU because I was expecting and he choose to make money instead of living out his dream. What an angel, Im happy that he did that for our family. And Im really happy that he still gets to play!
These aren't very good pics, cuz I have don't have a very high tech camera. But for the next game I will. And those pic will be awesome. I hope!?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vegas Bowl

So we went to the Vegas Bowl! Finally a little vacation it was great to get out of Utah and spend some time with my little family and our friends!
Too bad the first day there Luca had a fever and was not very happy any where but in mine or Franco's arms. By the last day he perked up a bit and had some fun. ( as much fun as a one year old can have in Vegas lol )
We still had fun shopping and eating some great food. Next vacation....somewhere with a beach...Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico???