Saturday, November 1, 2008

Franco's Baby

So pretty much Franco has been wanting a dog forever, and with a little hesitation on my part I gave in. I found this little German Shepherd on line, what a cutie! He is so crazy though, he bites everything! He is only staying at our place til Luca comes...then he is out! We are having him live at the in-laws:) Bless their hearts, there is no way I could take care of this young pup and my new little baby. It has been kinda of fun having a dog with us for awhile but I am ready to kick him out and have a baby!


Kali said...

Ha Ha Shannon you are awesome! Way to be a good sport. when are you due by the way?? I cant wait to see what he will look like! Right? Boy? Anyways Ryan and I both say hi and hope you are both doing fabulous.

James & Bec said...

cute cute dog! I want a dog really bad, but we aren't going to get one until we have our own house. And I am pretty sure it won't be on the prioity list of things to get once we have a house. Haha. So grace will probably be in college by the time James lets us get a dog. He said we could get fish now. But I hate fish. they just die. and then I have to flush 'em.

um, in the first picture is Franco counting to three for the dog, or testing his eyes or what?