Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Birthday Party

For all the September birthdays (Katies, Michelles & Myself) we all went out to the farm in Fairview for a picnic. It was way fun. All the family came and we just chilled and had good food and checked out Mom & Dads new cow! On my actual Birthday Franco made me breakfast! It was delicious! He is such a sweetie, he gave me a camera and I love it! My old one died. It really wasn't even that old - maybe a year? Anywho he also gave me some cash so I could buy some clothes! Thats the best gift ever:) And at work Betty Jo decorated my desk - it was all cute and pink and covered with goodies. It was a way fun birthday. Not that I am enjoying getting older! This one feels like I am really old now. Thats not cool!!


The Lindsay Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you. So how old are you??? Just kidding, I would never ask you that. I doesn't matter how old you are, just how old you look, No! it's how you feel, that right, how old you feel. hahah, I am so funny... it was a long night for me. wow

James & Bec said...

Happy Birthday! Don't worry I won't ask how old you are. but I bet you are WAAAAAAAAY old. haha. just kidding.

I think you are so cute! I know I've said a billion times, but your just are such a cute pregnant mommy! My whole body freakin' exploded when I was prego. You just have this cute lil' bump. haha.

sounds like a fun day. oh and the cow makes me laugh. I don't know why. It just does.

Bethany M said...

Of course I remember you. I'm glad you found me. You look GREAT! Congrats on the wedding and the baby! What an exciting year.

Henries said...

oh how fun, wish i could have been there, wait i was ha ha ha no but that was a good time, its funny how the rest of your lives that is how we will celebrate your bdays all at once! well good times.

James & Bec said...

did I ever tell you how hard you make me laugh? you're crazy. don't try and have your baby wear a halloween costume, please.

ps-when are you due? I totally forgot. isn't it soon-ish? let me know how you are.