Saturday, November 1, 2008

Witches Night

For Halloween all of us girls went to this thing ladies night at Gardner's Village in SL. It was pretty intense. Some of the ladies there live for this night...and good for them:) Basically you dress up like a witch and there are all the different shops and things you can do there. I of course had a nice big belly and looked so retarded. Betty Jo put this nasty fake chin thing on me.. and green junk all over my face. I was definitely an ugly witch! It was fun to be with all the girls, a little crazy but fun.


Karyn said...

You and your husband are too cute! (except in your witch picture ;) Just kidding. I love your blog! Such a great way to keep in contact with everyone.

Congratulations on your little one! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Trent and Kimberly said...

you have a big belly now!!! That's so exciting! only like 1 more month to go for you- being a mom is the best thing ever, I'm way excited for you- let me know how things go. Are you having a shower or anything?

James & Bec said...

i pretty much died laughing looking at these pictures. Jo hadn't seen them, so I showed them to her and Adam last night when they were here. So funny.

Also I like the picture of your mother...and especially the little naked manican thing in the background. it humors me.q

James & Bec said...

hey have you had that baby? I hope you are doing well! good luck! love ya cute mama!