Monday, June 9, 2008

Betty Jo's Bridal Shower

My little baby sister is getting married! I'm way excited for her. Her big day is July 1st, so soon! So we threw her a shower on Saturday. It was fun we had a bunch of her friends come and all the girls in the family were there. We did the usual, play games, talk, eat yummy food and shower her with gifts. She is having two more showers! Her mother - in - law to be is doing one this next Saturday and then the ladies from her ward are giving her one too! Lucky girl:) She deserves to be spoiled, she is such a cutie. And I love her to death! Oh she also got her bridals done and I did her hair. I was so nervous! It had to be perfect, and I think she was pretty happy with it - she looked beautiful! I just have to do it one more time on her wedding pressure!! Ha

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James & Bec said...

holy amazing! you did such a good job on Jo's hair! I love it!