Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chloe & Co

Its up and running! I have started my own little business! It has been a lot of fun and work and it contiunues to be a lot of work, ha who would have guessed?? It has been long coming, I have wanted to do something forever. So its really neat to finally see something emerge. Even if it doesn't really go anywhere it has been a fun journey. I have however managed to get my stuff sold to Signature Baby, I contacted the owner and she loved my stuff! So she now carries the wipe cases and the onesies. That was really exciting. But if you want something, come get it from me of course! I keep gettting new stuff so check it out often. And give me feedback!!


Kali said...

I was looking at wipe cases the other day at a baby boutique and wanted one! And then here you are starting a business and you are selling them and yours are so much cuter! I am going to your site RIGHT NOW:)

Becca said...

that's way exciting! I'm so proud of you, and I'm serious. I got into the photography thing because it was a nice little outside thing from being a mom, but it is hard work to get it all done. And it sounds like yours is all real business and such, so way to go. That's relaly awesome, and I too LOVE the things you gave me. My sister in law loves them too. She's about to have a baby, so maybe I Will have to get something from you for her.


Angelee said...

Shannon! So cute and saucy... Do you think you could do a t-shirt for Anders? He wears somewhere between 12-24 months(ish). I love your skateboarding design. Do you have any other boy designs? I love your stuff!