Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Quilt!

So I finally finished my Valentines quilt. I started it in January of 2008 I think. Anyways it was supposed to be ready for that Valentines but it took a whole year to finish the thing! I wasn't working on it for a year straight or anything, I just got a little distracted and didn't work on it much.:) I love it, I think it is so cute.

My mom bought the fabric for all of us girls in the family to make one together. I think I am the only one who has theirs done, wait maybe Betty Jo's is done. I dont remember! I was so much fun doing this. Luca and I went with my Mom to my aunts house to use her quilting machine and made a little weekend of it. Thanks for teaching me how to quilt Mom, I had fun! Hopefully the next one wont take as long!


M&M Delicious! said...

That is such a cute quilt!!! Way to go! I have yet to make a quilt - for some reason they just scare me, I think because I've seen what a big project it is. I would have a hard time finishing it once I started - so props to you for finishing!!!! We need to play sometime!!

Kali said...

I bought some fabric a while back for a halloween quilt. Seeing your valentine quilt makes me want to go fabric shopping again. It looks so good! How are you doing these days? I want to see some more pics of Luca.:) Hope everything is going great. I only have 6 weeks left to go. So crazy!

Henries said...

Ha Ha yeah mine is practically done, i just have like one last edge to do, but im a tard and havent done it, or there was a problem or something? but i might as well be done! ha ha yeah ill get right on that! but good job to you for doin it!