Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Year!

So I haven't posted forever because our computer has been on the fritz. Anywho a few things have happened and I have really wanted to blog and have started to but gave up because I have no patience for old dying things aka my computer. For some reason tonight I have mustered up just enough patience to do the dang thang!
On the 26th of February it was our one year anniversary. Time flies! We had a great day just hanging out and going to the mall and then to dinner at the Chefs Table. So so yummy. We decided to postpone the trip we were planning on taking for our anniversary until Luca is a little older. So one of these days we will be heading to Miami to visit. That's where Franco is from and from what I hear they have amazing food, so I will probably come back 10-20 lbs heavier!
Being married is awesome and I love Franco so much. We have had such a great year. He is my everything!


Becca said...

CONGRATS! It goes so fast, huh? you two are probably the best looking couple ever! And adam and betty jo are def. one as well. James and I are pretty good looking, but we have a lot of weird things about us. My face is actually really crooked, one eye/eyebrow is about half an inch higher than the rest. James has a broken nose, and a pointy head. But you guys look so good together! And you look gorgeous in every picture. your hair is the reason i am growing out my hair again. did you know that? true story.

you have sweet tunes on your blog.

M&M Delicious! said...

Happy belated anniversary!!! We just celebrated our one year too! I love that! Can't wait to have you over for sushi!

Jill said...

Congratulations! Yahoo :) You guys are so cute together. Your wedding pictures are amazing, wow!

Hopefully we can get you over here soon. Your big boy needs to teach our little man a thing or two...